5 Reasons to Choose Caribbean Breeze

5 Reasons to Choose Caribbean Breeze

We probably all wish we were relaxing by the pool or ocean on a warm, sunny day. It might feel wonderful to lie in the sun for hours, but you may not realize that the sun’s UV rays can burn your skin in just minutes. In fact, sunbathing is not the only time that the sun can be dangerous. In every season and every type of weather, sun exposure can cause damage to your skin that may lead to more serious complications over time. At Caribbean Breeze, we believe in providing sun care beyond expectations.

From relaxation to sport, work, and everyday activities, our products are tested for real-life scenarios so that you can get outside and enjoy life. Our family-owned and operated business values customer relationships, environmental protection, accessibility, and safe products. Here are 5 reasons to choose Caribbean Breeze for all your sun care needs.


5 Reasons to Choose Caribbean Breeze

#1 Family Owned since 1992

Our small family owns and operates Caribbean Breeze, and we have been specializing in sun care since 1992. When you call our office, we answer, because we love getting to know our customers and building a trusting relationship with each one. The close-knit family dynamic of our team helps us provide superior products and customer service.


#2 Worldwide Distribution

Our family may be small, but our products span the globe. We distribute our sun care products anywhere within the United States and internationally. If you place an order before midnight, your products will ship from our Amelia Island warehouse within 2 business days via USPS. Typical transit time within the US is 3-5 days, while international orders may take up to 14 days to arrive. Wherever you are, you can easily track your shipment when you view your online order.


#3 Tested in real-life scenarios

We know that sun care is important for many different activities, which is why our products are tested in real-life scenarios. Whether you are fishing, boating, playing sports, lounging on the beach, doing yard work, or walking your dog, Caribbean Breeze has you covered. We make sure our sun care products can do their job against the elements in each different environment, not just sand and surf.


#4 Sea Safe Formulas

Your protection is our #1 priority, but we also believe in protecting our planet. While other companies use chemicals that can be harmful to the earth’s reefs and ocean inhabitants, Caribbean Breeze uses a “Sea Safe Formula.” Our ingredients are chosen carefully, and our products are made to protect the ocean and all that call it home. Join us in the fight to keep the reefs safe!


#5 Protection for every stage of life

Sun protection is essential for all ages, and since kids often spend a lot of time outdoors, they may be more susceptible to sunburn on a daily basis. Luckily, we offer products for the whole family. With the Caribbean Breeze Kids collection, children can enjoy the same great broad spectrum protection as adults. This collection offers lotion, spray lotion, and continuous tropical mist.


Sun Care Beyond Expectations

Our Caribbean Breeze family is committed to providing safe, superior products and excellent service. Since we live and work at the beach, we understand the importance of staying protected from the harsh UV rays. Our products are tested in real-life scenarios, formulated to protect the oceans, accessible anywhere in the world, and available to the whole family. Now that you have sun care you count on, it is time to get outside and enjoy life.

To see our products or learn more about us, go to caribbeanbreeze.com or find us on Facebook at Caribbean Breeze Suncare.

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